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Come Together

Inspired by the book Lenny and Benny by Naama Benziman

This fun and energetic show explores conflict and what happens when we choose to come together instead of falling apart.  Learn to breathe, share feelings, find solutions, and celebrate the power of unconditional love.


Recommended for ages 2-8

We offer this show in both English and Spanish!

Bring "Come Together" to YOUR school or community!

This touring production is now available to schools and communities in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. 

See below for more information and to request a booking.

Available in both English AND Spanish!


Photo Credit: Meredith Barringer


First Performance (up to 75 students): $500

Additional Performance (same day): $150*

*Additional performance price is PER performance and may increase based on desired times, etc.

Booking  Requirements:

- The show runs about 40 minutes with a Q&A and/or group activity based on preference. There is also an opportunity to add on a workshop or creative drama activity post-performance.

- The maximum audience size for this show is 75. You can book multiple performances on the same day to accommodate a larger number.

- We will need uninterrupted access to the performance space at least 45 minutes prior to show time and 30 minutes after the show for set up/break down.

- The performance space must be INDOORS and have the following dimensions:​ At least 20'x20' (width/depth) and 10' (height) and clear of all furniture, structures, etc. There should be ample overhead lighting, as we do not bring our own lighting fixtures for this production. There must also be at least one electrical outlet. 


-This show is designed for the audience to be seated on the floor IN FRONT of the 20x20 performance space.

- There should be a door near the performance space to load in that does not have stairs/includes a ramp

- There must be a closed, private space available for actors to change into costume and store personal belongings. This should not be a space shared with any students or staff of the organization.

- There must be access to a bathroom near the performance space (ideally not shared with students) that is suitable to actors of all gender identities and expressions (a single stall/private restroom satisfies this request).

- An additional travel fee applies for bookings more than 30 miles outside of Charlotte. This fee will be determined by mileage and travel time.

Have a question or need more information before booking?

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